About the project

Starting in 2015 with photographing the Hungarian-born Oscar-winner cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, this ongoing portrait serie aims to map the field of Hungarian and Hungarian-related film industry. Now with more than 100 participants the photo project represents the colourful diversity of the field with portraits of directors, cinematographers, producers, composers, sound engineers, editors, assistants, poster designers, still photographers, distributors, projectionists, film critics and scholars of film studies. István Szabó, director of Oscar-winner Mephisto (1981), László Nemes-Jeles, director of Oscar-winner Son of Saul (2015), Lajos Koltai, DOP of Szabó’s several movies, Máté Herbai, DOP of Ildikó Enyedi’s On Body and Soul (2017) – to name just a few of the professionals of different ages with different backgrounds and experiences.

Celebrating traditional approaches of photography and knowledge behind traditional methods this project is shot enterely and exclusively on Kodak film using Hasselblad cameras and Carl Zeiss lenses.

Film processing by András Keve, analog prints by Andrea Mátyus at Lab4Art.

About Me

Portrait photographer and film historian based in Budapest, Hungary.


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